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People Struggling financially


We understand that having money worries can cause a lot of problems, and can even take its toll on your health. Here at Property Rescue, we aim to solve your money problems by freeing up the cash you need to settle your debts or to balance your books. For the majority of people, their most valuable asset is their home but it can also be their most expensive to keep. With mortgage payments, bills, upkeep and various other costs – property becomes a big drain on your finances. Instead of struggling to keep your head above water, let us buy your property, free up the cash and help you with options after the sale. Why not take advantage of our Cash Advance option – funds can be released after exchange of contracts and is completely interest free. This will tide you over until the full funds are released to you on completion of the sale. 

People with distressed loans - facing repossesion


If you are in default with you lender and are threatened with eviction we can step in and delay the process IMMEDIATELY and take control of the situation so you can breathe and make sound decisions. You decide when you want to sell and vacate We work out dates  to suit you We can arrange everything removalists, rubbish collection, payment of immediate debts even find new accommodation. Once we have arrange to have power of attorney we will give you a upfront interest free cash advance on the sale of your property. We intimately know the stress and complications involved when falling behind loan repayments.

People with properties where the Buyer has Fallen through


When you’re selling a house, there’s nothing worse than a buyer pulling out at the last minute. You’ve made all the arrangements and probably paid all the fees, you will have to re-plan your onward move, and if you were planning on buying another property, it will put this transaction at serious risk. We can move very quickly, getting our solicitors appointed immediately and keeping everything in place to step in and save the chain, allowing you to keep all your plans in place. We will never pull out of a deal, no matter what happens, We’re guaranteed cash buyers and that’s a promise. We also cover all your legal fees and we never renege on the deal – we’re in this 100% and we commit directly to you.

People with properties requiring renovation


Maintaining your home can be tough and the cost of skilled tradesmen can mount up if there’s a lot to do to make your property ready for sale. We don’t mind if there’s work to do on your property, we aim to offer the best price no matter what condition it is in. Common issues with property would be problems with damp, electrical and plumbing issues and even subsidence causing the building to sink into the ground due to unstable ground – you might not know about these problems until it’s too late. An estate agent is going to struggle to sell a property on the market with these issues.

Don’t panic! We can make an offer no matter the issues with the property and we guarantee the best price. All you need to do is tell us, we can even talk about having a survey done at the property to find the problems and make plans for the future. Even dated or bad décor is perfectly acceptable to us. 

People seeking joint venture partnerships or financial partners

If you have a property which you know is is suitable for development or subdivision but don't have the finances or expertise to successfully complete such a project, then APR can help you. Our broad range of expertise and past experience makes us the perfect joint venture partner or financial backer for your next BIG project. We can manage the whole project to completion or we can simply provide financial support to ensure the project is profitable and successful. Come talk to us about your next exciting project and see how we can help you achieve your goals. We just love being part of your success.

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