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I can’t pay my mortgage. What can I do to avoid bankruptcy?

Being unable to pay your mortgage could cause a lot of problems; the money you owe will accrue interest and ultimately mean you have more to pay off than you could afford in the first place. Additionally, if your mortgage lender/provider involves solicitors to try and recover the money you owe, you will also be required to pay their fees.

A fast sale to APR will raise instant cash and prevent your arrears accumulating into a potentially unmanageable situation that could lead to bankruptcy or repossession of your home. It’s a simple way to halt your property concerns and is a fast, stress-free way to get your finances back in order.

I want my home NOT my mortgage. What can I do?

We know at APR that everyones circumstances are different. In some situations selling the family home is the only option but the dilemma is where do you go. You love your home  and when there are jobs, kids, schools, pets and community involved moving home can be not only stressful but can also create even more unnecessary problems.


One solution to avoid all the stress is simply to sell your home to us but you stay on as tenants and simply rent it back from us at a rate that suits your budget and circumstances. Remove the financial stress of a huge mortgage and keep the family home. We can even assist with those dreams of a new kitchen or renovation.

I could be about to lose my dream home. Can I push through a quick house sale to move in?

We know dream homes aren’t very common, and waiting for your own property to sell to free up the cash to move in to your dream home can seem like an eternity. On average, it can take six to nine months for a house to sell on the open market, so if your dream property is available now,  APR can help. In urgent cases, we can buy your property and exchange contracts in just 48 hours. In addition to this fast turnaround, there are no legal or agents’ fees on the sale. You need not worry about renovating or refurbishing your own home; APR take care of everything to make sure you don’t miss out on your dream home.

I am getting divorced/separating, I need to sell my home FAST!

Naturally, during a divorce or separation it isn’t ideal to live with your former spouse or partner, and we at Property Rescue understand this fully. We receive numerous enquiries from homeowners in the process of separation and we have developed a faultless system to handle the matter for you.


We understand the stresses and strains separation can put on an entire family. Our service is in place to alleviate the pressure by processing your house sale as quickly as possible and free up the equity tied up in the property to allow both parties to move on with their lives. 

The sale of my property has fallen through. What do I do next?

Just when you think you have sold your home the sale fall through. Its every seller’s nightmare is to see their prospective sale fall through at the last moment. No matter which side of the sale you are on, seller or buyer, it can leave you in a very awkward position if there are complications. We can help. We can buy your property and work hard to meet your deadlines, keep the process moving and prevent you from losing out in any way from the sale of your property.

My property is run down and in poor condition. Can I still sell my home fast?

For us the condition of the property doesn’t matter. We will still buy your property, even if the property needs minor or extensive renovation. In fact we prefer to purchase properties where we can add value. If are in the situation where you don't want to sell your home but you desperately require extensive renovation but can't afford it and your mortgage payments are causing you stress then why not consider our selling your home to us and renting it back from us. We will do the renovation for you and relieve you of any further mortgage stress. The perfect solution!

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